SAF X Instrumentation Products

Industrial Instrumentation Supply, Calibration, Sourcing Agents and Distributors

Temperature Instruments

pipe and digital thermometers, pyrometers, wall thermos, wet & dry, max-min, digital, infra-red, RTD’s, temperature calibrators, thermocouple, humidity, hygrometers, barometers.

Gas Monitoring Equipment

Drager, GMI, Riken Keiki, MSA & Hanwei


Pressure Instruments

gauges, switches, transmitters, pressure calibrators, relief valves, peak pressure indicators, needle valves, diaphragm seal with fittings and accessories

Digital Test & Measuring Equipment

multi-meter, clampmeters, insulation & conductivity testers, anemometers, tachometers, vibration meters, pH meters, thickness and hardness meters, sound and lux meters, TDS meters, crankshaft deflection guages, torque wrenches, solenoid valves, flowmeters - torque wrenches, flow meters, crankshaft defl, vernias, levels and more